who here lives in louisiana and if you do what are your thoughts about the oil spill?

Answer #1

Im from south louisiana, the oil spill is causing and going to cause so many people problems down here. Alot of our jobs are either on oil rigs, fisherman, or tourist places on the coast. Everyones been talking about the hurricane lately and they are terrified that its going to push the oil even more and really start to effect our economy down here. Its crawfish season…and because of all of this the price of crawfish is triple what it usually is…its sad.

Answer #2

i live in metairie and half my family are fishermen an it really really sucks :(

Answer #3

I’m living in denham springs but alot of our family lives and works down in dulac right across the street from the bayou. They are terrified that the hurricane is going to push the oil down there and ruin all of their jobs and land.

Answer #4

Moved from Travel to Environmental Issues. Remember eventually you’ll lose points for choosing the wrong category when asking questions…

Answer #5

im sorryyyy!!!!!! really tried my best to put it in the right category!!!! i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #6

well it looks like its going more towards texas so maybe theyll be ok?

Answer #7

RIP Sponge Bob Big Polluters killed him =/

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