Oil drilling

Why is near shore oil drilling bad?

Answer #1

It is bad for tourists and fish and it’s ugly. Would you want to see an oil rig in the middle of a Florida sunset? Didn’t think so.

Answer #2


Answer #3

Because it is killing off Fish and some species in the ocean and lakes need fish to live, and if they don’t have it the animal that needs it becomes ext inked and that can effect the fishermen and people who work with the marine life.

Answer #4

They are both an equal amount of danger to the environment, but near shore would be more of a danger to the shore that it is closest too. Near shore oil drilling may use pipes to carry the oil to a refinery on the mainland, these pipes can and do sometimes leak or burst. Off shore oil drilling would use ships to carry the oil, and things do unfortunately happen at sea…causing oil spills. If the ships travel near countries, the potential for an on shore environment disaster is all the more possible. Not much fun surfing waves of crude oil…for us or the surrounding ecology.

Answer #5

Because it is even more of a danger to the environment then off shore drilling.

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