Do you wear liquid eyeliner??

does amyone wear liquid eyeliner??

 If so what do you wear?? I want 2 know the best kind!!
Answer #1

pencil is the best (I think) but my sis uses liquid my pecils great it costed about 12 bucks but it was worth it it doesnt come of easily sno runni make up it a (M.A.C. Engraved)

Answer #2

I wear the avon liquid eyeliner its great

Answer #3

Yeah I wear liquid, I think it’s way easier to put on. I got the loreal paris one a few days ago.

Answer #4

nooo I like to wear penicil…its way easier to put gets messy.. if your going to use liquid get the waterproof one

Answer #5

nooo I eitherwear avon pencil or nyc brand they both work awesome

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