Child in idaho

Me and my husband were wondering if anyone else has had this problem a few years ago my husband dated this girl who was married( he did not know this untill after the fact) but she did not live with speak to or see her husband they lived states apart but since she was married in the state of idaho this other guy was put on the birth certificate even though he is not the bio dad he is considered legal dad in the state of idaho and the we went to the state and they said that untill this other guy is proven not to be the dad that they cant and wont test my husband to see if it is his child and in the mean time he doesnt get to see this child. Has anyone had this problem also and has anyone found away around this problem please help us

Answer #1

Normally when a woman is married her husband is put on the birth certificate. Something about being married means that you take responsibilty for everything that your spouse does. Is if fair? No but the law does some strange things to protect children. I would suggest going to a lawyer in Idaho…sometimes they know how to get around the laws.

Good luck :)

Answer #2

wow thats tough.. Im assuming the woman is not being co-operative?

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