When she starts ballet, will she be with smaller kids?

Well my sister wants to do ballet, and she is 11. will she be with small kids? she wants to be with older kids. I think she did ballet when she was like 5, I don’t know but around that age. our cousin started ballet at 12, & shes with her age kids, but it might be different at her dance school. she really wants to start I can tell!

Answer #1

well im in ballet and im 12 and im with like 18 year old girls because im really good. but it depends how good she is if she sucks she’ll be with the younger girls to catch up on what she missed. If shes good then she will be with either the girls her age or the older girls and people normally put older kids with kids their age so their comfortable bt if they already know everything in ballet at that level then they will go with the older gils/ boys

Answer #2

im a dance teacher and we want kids to be with kids there age so they are okay with what there doing and so there all at the same learning rate anymore questions just msg me if you would like

Answer #3

Well she will start in the small group, maybe, depending on how the school structure their lessons. If she shows that she’s willing, and trying hard then she can be with her age kids. Then if she continues to succeed she’ll be in the advanced group.

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