is there a higher beings than goD? weird but think about it

well if god made us and said so this shall be and what not, what created him, I mean everything is created, and everything starts somewhere. think about it for a minute, what made all this happened, or at least what made god,

nature is not an answer btw lol

Answer #1

no god is all powerfull and there is noone higer then him

Answer #2

and I think And b leave the bible proves it

well… it doesn’t…

Answer #3

Yes it does, hater!

Answer #4

I don’t blive in any god

Answer #5

No it doesn’t, moron.

Answer #6

A good Question…I believe that there is only one God and he created everything…but good question…

Answer #7

* everything is created, and everything starts somewhere

Everything is created, therefor there is something that wasn’t created?

The problem lies in the premise. The right premise is, “nothing has ever been created”. Once you learn to accept conservation of energy, these types of problems just go away.

Answer #8

There are no gods- the god answer is in the same bag as the moon making it’s own light, the earth being flat and in the center of the universe, the stars being smallish and not far from earth.

This is how the world would appear without the aid of observational technology. This was the common world view held by ancients- the same ancients who had invented god. god is the type of common sense answer that falls apart with an ounce of critical thinking and anaylisis.

Now that we know more about the reality of the universe, it seems really silly and foolish to think a god created it all.

Answer #9

this is something discussed in philosophy all the time.

one explanation is… No, God is the definition of the greatest thing. if you can add something to make it better, then this new thing becomes God.

Another is… god created the universe and then the universe created man, and then man created god… it goes in a circle (but then what created the circle?… this gets into bigger and bigger circles)

another is… God created everything, and the rules for everything… so if he made everything and the rules, then the rules do not apply to him… therefore, we live by the rules of cause and effect. something made something and that made something else, but since God made the rules, then he doesn’t have to obey the rules, so therefore, God can exist from nothing.

another is explained… the world is held up on a turtle’s back. so what holds up the turtle? another turtle… it is turtles all the way down to infinity. This can be taken over to explain creation, that another god made god, and another god made that god… all the way to infinity.

they talk a lot about this is philosophy classes. I recommend (plato and a platypus walk into a bar) and (what’s wrong with eating people) these are two fun philosophy books. they will blow your mind.

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