What made you stop believing in a higher power or God?

Im always curiou as to why people who were raised to believe or used to believe, changed their views. For me it was actually reading the bible, being told that you had to believe when there is no facts or evidence they can show you, and the God that is described didnt sound all that nice to me with all the vengeful things he did, not someone id worship.

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I began to realize how judgmental I was of other people because of my religion. My husband was not religious, and I literally thought I was better than him because I knew God. It wasn’t just me that did that though. My religious friends and family all cast the same eye on people. I got tired of it. I found my own strength and realized I didn’t need religion to dictate who I was as a person. I could do that on my own just fine. I think I used God as my excuse for things; I take responsibility now. I’m happier with who I am now, and I don’t have to talk to the sky to feel that way.

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I stopped believing In god when I woke up one day and realised that if he was real, he would have helped us by now.

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there was no big incident that made me think “god doesn’t exist”. i just sort of eventually came to the realisation. throughout my teen years i sort of didn’t believe in religion. i guess one incident when i really thought about it was when i had to go to a christmas service for a bunch of different churches to sing in a choir-i was their for the choir only, my family aren;t regular church goers though i think they do believe in god. i remember looking about at all the people and thinking “wow they all really believe in this” and i kinda didn’t. but still it wasn’t really until a few years after that that i really thought about it properly. i really consider myself agnostic but i think there are varying levels of agnosticism and i am definitely very close to the athiest side.

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I never did believe in God per se…the guy with the white beard, etc. But for me it’s hard deny that there is “something” bigger than all human beings combined…nature being one part of it….collective intellegence being a part of it….the fact that I’ve met little children with old souls, a depth of understanding that many adults never get….the fact that people WAY smarter than myself believe in God or a higher power….

I’d be an agnostic….I truly don’t know…since nobody REALLY knows…all they can do is believe or not believe….and belief isn’t a tangeble quanity.

Answer #6

I’ld say it started with seeing the ignorance in people. The bigotry, how judgmental, close minded people were. The fact you couldn’t question, or that the believers constantly attempt to convince none believers or people outside their faith is wrong, that they should convince without even the slightest thought of “what if” they’re wrong. The fact they claim to be peaceful, Jesus himself said turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, etc, and yet they don’t. They can’t even live and let live. They’re so hung up on they’re right, it’s as if everyone has to believe. I started to question, so explored a bit and became a pagan. It was then I say the ludicrous of it all. I doubted if there ever were a god that it would not be biblical, and that these would not be it’s people. Then I saw people of other people snapping back claims such as “god came to me and she told me….”. It all just seemed so childish. As if it were all just some giant kid game.

Answer #7

The fact that it causes so much ignorance to the masses. I used to just ask and ask and ask i didnt feel responsible for my actions so i stopped and now i feel more in control of my life, no one is responsible for me but me, its so freeing. So yeah thats my journey to becoming atheist :)

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For me it was seeing the way that believers behave and how judgemental they are overall. I think after going church hopping I realised that this just isn’t for me, no matter which perspective I take it from.

Also it is not that I do not have the flaws of the people that go there, but I do not want to get worse at it. Also I do not agree with many of the things that the church teaches, especially regarding homosexuals and war and money.

Also for me, I feel better trying to sort out issues on my own and not relying on something which I don’t even have proof of to exist.

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I dont think I ever believed in a God as such. My family is religious in an odd way. It’s more a life thing than it is a spiritual one. They’re active in the community, used to pray regularly etc, but we never discussed the spiritual aspects of stuff. When I got older, in my teens, I started to notice how hypocritical people were in the community. I cut myself off because I couldnt stand the people. I guess I naturally started to really think about religion. I couldnt believe in a God that caused so much pain. Not to mention, whose God would I be believing in. I went to a really diverse school and I knew of a lot of different religions. I thought it was absurd that one religion thought they had all or even most of the answers. It seemed like the height of arrogance to assume you knew it all. Eventually I came to a sort of deistic/agnostic belief. If there is a higher power, I dont believe in one that controls anything, but I dont think there’s any way to prove or disprove it.

Answer #11

i knew I didnt belong with christians. I thought the were wrong, but just take on the morals to be a better person. I agree with phannie, there is something bigger though. We’re just blind men around an elephant stroking different parts explaining what we feel.

Answer #12

nothing would make me stop in believing in God since every little sign around you on Earth, with the great balance and extraordinary wisdom hints to His existence.

Answer #13

I realized that religion exists because people need answers to the unanswerable questions… to life’s big mysteries. And the biggest mystery of all? Death.

I realized I don’t fear death. And if I don’t fear that, then I certainly don’t fear the other mysteries of life…. so no need for a religion to rationalize/explain them for me.

Answer #14

Omg! Thts terrible! god is real and sometimes we have to get through moments by ourselves to boost our self esteem etc. God created you me everyone, animals,the whole world and if you Aren’t a Christian / don’t believe in god;

  1. Your crazy
  2. You don’t want to miss out on going to heven and spending ETERNITY in burning hell

So do I prove my point?

  • god is always there And isn’t the bible clear enough?
Answer #15

I agree! I lov god and I know where I’ll be wen I die.. In heaven!! With him and all the other Christians !

Answer #16

He does exist and tht is what FAITH is believing in god who you can’t see but you will get rewarded in hevan for believing! Read the bible some time it might help!

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