Does everyone think that Mormons are weird?

(im probably not giong to explain this the best way but) Do people think that mormons are really wierd cause so many people say that we are!…Explain

Answer #1

I think Mormonism is odd (just like all other religious beliefs) because it’s doctrines are at odds with reality. Notice I said that the beliefs are weird, not the people. Most of the Mormon people I know are ordinary good folks.

Answer #2

no not everyone does people think of mormons as bad people because of the old ways but truely I have plenty of mormone friends and they are great people … I dont think your weird … katlyn

Answer #3

Any religion founded by a monogamist who discovered gold plates in his garden and deciphered them with the help of two angels before they took them away leaving nothing but some magical underwear is fine by me.

Answer #4

I don’t agree nor understand some of the teaching and doctrines that Mormons live by, but in no way do I think that Mormons are weird because they are Mormons. I look at it this way, Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, Buddhists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, and all other religous groups are HUMANS just as I am. DO WHAT YOU DO!

Answer #5

I don’t think they’re weird, just strict and different. when I was a teen I had a neighbour who was mormon. it was strange that they didn’t celebrate christmas or birthdays…even more strange that they didn’t watch tv…not at all!

Answer #6

Quite honestly I think your religion is strange, farfetched, and hilarious. I have a mormon friend and he’s explained it to me, but it just seems so out there.

Answer #7

the ease of christianity, judaism, islam etc. is that thousands of years have passed since their development. compared to the “traditional” religions, mormons are babies so everything seems a little different and far fetched. but in a thousand years it will not seem any more strange that the concept of a burning bush, parting the red sea, etc. your religion is your religion and I respect that.

Answer #8

I just wanted to clarify that I don’t disrepect the mormom religion. I like how it tries to build family ties and relationships and get to live cleaner lives. It’s just. . . funny to me.

Answer #9

Mormons were created by a guy trying to impress his girlfriends father you tell me if thats weird or not.

Answer #10

…no more so than most other religious types.

Answer #11

Allot of people outside our church think that we’re weird because we believe in the Book of Mormon, etc. And, also allot of people think on the outside that the bible is the only book and that it doesn’t need to be changed. Just ignore the criticisms.

Answer #12

I don’t think Mormons are weird! I don’t agree with a lot of the teachings of the Mormon church, but I can admire them as people of faith and integrity.

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