Is it bad sleeping with wet hair?

to make the question clearer, what I meant is, say I had a shower an hour ago but my hair is still wet/damp in some places, is it bad to sleep like that? some people I know, including my mom, say that it gives you an headache or something like that. I have never gotten a headache, but is it bad???

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No It's actually really good I always go 2 slaap w/ wet hair cause I always take a shower on evenings... and I put my hair up so it won't be messy the next day.. LOL if ur hair gets messy also u should do that! =)

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I DO!!! And it sucks!!! I can't put my hair up when it's wet or else it never dries where it's tied and I later get the consequences of big headaches. So taking a shower at night is NOT an option for me. I think it also has to do with how THICK and how MUCh hair you have because I have plenty to go around and quite honestly ITS ANNOYING.

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it isn't bad I do it all the time but sometimes you get like some type of pimples inside your mouth there not a big thing but sometimes they hurt!

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i do it all time! :s

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It isn't bad. But for some people with sensitive skin and scalps it can make it irritated.

It doesn't happen to me anymore but when I was in high school I slept with my hair wet all the time and I got Psoriasis on my scalp. Which is basically itchy bumps, but I would itch and it would bleed which was embarrassing. I had to use a special shampoo to treat it.

But if you don't have problems with it, then it isn't bad. I dunno where your mom got the headache thing.

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I slept last night with wet hair and my head hurts so bad today I had to stay in bed and that's no exaggeration as I work for my self so takes a lot for me to take a day of,
I'd like to know if anyone else has the same problem

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It is bad to sleep with your hair wet. You could get blind by doing it, especially if you have diabetes. The water will drain into your sculpt and to the veins or nerves of your eyes and it will pop. So be sure to have a hair dryer before going to bed. I myself would recommend that.

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okay. THANKS :)

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