Is taking gravol to get to sleep really bad?

So i take two gravel to get to sleep at night. My actual sleeping pills dont do anything but get me high. which isnt what i want. so i take gravel and it knocks me out right away. I dont even remember falling asleep. Can it cause damages on my body ?

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I think so...

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well, damn it.

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I guess i should consult a doctor instead of asking a question like this on the internet. LOL but thank you :)

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sure. no problem. =)
I'm a nurse, but i think a physician could really help you there.

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Oh i didn't know this lol so i think its good u answered this. LOL

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Taking sleeping pill is not good for health. One of my doctor said taking medicine may cure the temporray diseases but sometimes it harms in other ways. So the best thing is to stay fit and healthy without any medicine.

Yes taking 2 can cause problems. It can cause many problems like, burning or tingling in the hands, arms, feet, or legs
changes in appetite
difficulty keeping balance
dry mouth or throat
stomach pain or tenderness
uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body
unusual dreams

So, i will recommend you don't make it a habbit. Take the pills when it is too much necessery.

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I don't practice my profession, though.

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Thank you i will keep this in mind. Im not going to take em anymore.

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