Why does my breast and nipples hurt so badly i cant even sleep?

Every time I try and sleep on my stomach, I can't...My breast kill me so badly I get migraines from the pain...And they have been like this for quite some time..(couple weeks) They have grown a little bit as well...What could the possibilities be?

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When I was younger I couldnt sleep without a bra on because mine hurt so bad. You might want to try that. I still sometimes do that when I am in PMS.

But since you said they grew its probably from that.

Personally, I rarely go to the doctor and I think that this is something I would wait awhile on.

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how big are they ??? it can be they are hurting your back.. or also have you done the monthly check up ... for breast cancer... feel for bumps and see when you squeze your nipple if liquids...

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Depends on how old you are. If you're only a teenager then it could just be that your breasts are growing, I remember going through a similar pain. If you're sexually active then you could be pregnant. Or if your breasts are large it could just be that sleeping on your front is just too difficult. There could also be a whole host of other reasons, suffice to say if it's really worrying you go and see your doctor or nurse and have them checked out.

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Thanks guys...Im going to get it checked out at the docz office...Good look :)

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Well I went to my doctors and he said I might have a sis...(how ever you spell it) lol...but I explained it to my girl and she said sis's arnt supposed to hurt like that...??? soo she said I could be prego?? I dont know im going for a ultra sound on them thrus...so I'll know after that I guess ??

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