What can i use to sleep that wont be so bad for my health?

So lately, even if I dont have a cough I've been taking nyquill to sleep! and a pretty unhealthy amount too like half the bottle or like 5x as much as it says to take because otherwise it takes HOURS to get to sleep!! I know this is probably unhealthy and I used to take meds for a hormonal imbalance and they helped me sleep but the pills made me break out so I dont wanna go back to them what can help me sleep???

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see a dortor to dicuss what medication if any would be right for you

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Check this website out, it may help :)


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Personally, I use a combination of a Wal-Mart "Equate" brand sleep aid (gelcap) and one pill of Melatonin. If that doesn't work for you, you need to see a doctor. The NyQuil is very bad for you in the amount that you say you're taking. Excercise will help, and you should not drink any caffeine after Noon. If you find that this helps you sleep, but you feel groggy the next day, then allow yourself more time to sleep and/or try just using one of the sleep aids instead of two. Melatonin can hang around in your system if you don't sleep long enough.

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Your body now is used and your mind also, that unless you take something, you will take forever to fall asleep. Is gonna take you a few sleepless nights to get back to normal. Here is what I would do. Go to Wal-Mart and buy some melatonin and take it an hour before bedtime. Wean yourself of any coffee or energy drink. Do not hang out in your bedroom for now. Just use your room for sleeping. Start an exercise program that includes strength training to get your body tired. Do not take naps.

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