where would people hire 14 year olds for jobs in manchester ?

does anyone know anywhere that people are hiring for 14 year olds to baby sit or go to day care nurserys to work ?

Answer #1

Each state is different but my kids were able to work at age 15, but they had to get a work permit. We got it the high school that she was attending. It was simple. But like I said each state is very different. GOOD LUCK

Answer #2

ok… I really don’t think there is anywhere in manchester that are doing things like that at the minute, BUT you could ask your mum about asking any of her friends that have small kids if you could get a job babysitting for them if they wanted to go out. I got paid a lot cus my ma knew I needed cash so she told her friend and I got quite a bit for looking after her kids. I can be quite fun. especially if you like the book you reed to them =P haha

Answer #3

I really need a job I wanna go affrica with school but it loads of money can you let me know if you find any jobs avalible

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