Why does my 2 yr old grandson still need a bottle at bedtime?

I obtained custody of my 2 yr old grandson four months ago (although I was his primary care taker since he has been 16mnths old) and he still ‘needs’ a bottle at night to go to bed, I thought it was because he needed some kind of security, fine; but now he is asking for it during the day! I do not give it to him during the day but he wont drink from the cup (sippy cup) he will go all day without drinking, is this ok? Let me ad that his parents have just starting coming into the picture more than before, is he needed more security? can I offer him a different sort of security or do I just let him have his bottle until he is ready to give it up?

Answer #1

He should be drinking during the day tbh but you just need to tell him a story what he/she will belive so then they will give up there bopttles and drink from a cup.

Answer #2

Most likely he needs it out of habit…change is a big thing for a toddler, they normally don’t like it. During the day when you try a sippy cup make sure that you are holding him and snuggle with him while he drinks it…he may just need the security of some loving arms around him. You can also try having him drink from a Big Boy Cup (no lid)…play it up a lot and praise him if he does it. You could also try getting him a water bottle (one with fun things on it that he really likes), let him pick it out. Put juice or water in it and tell him what a big boy he is…again the praise really does work.

It’s not good that he’s not drinking anything during the day but if you take his nighttime bottle right now then he won’t have anything to drink all day and night. Work on the daytime first and then you can try getting it from him at night.

Good luck :)

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