What do think this is down to! stress depression or overworked?

If any has had this or could even just spare adivce I would really apprciate it! Okay I have started work lately which has been good since its hard times for jobs here. But lately when im home from work, or given time to think, my mind wonders. If anything its like a negative side of me, I think of bad thoughts. One of the thoughts is that I would do something terrible ( not like life suicidle things) things. Stuff I would never do but yet my mind wonders it, which is really anoying me. Also I think negative things to how s**t life can be. But when im at work im fine, I do my work and get on with a normal day. And if anything I start every day positive. I mean im working I have good friends, im getting on with my family better. So I dont understand why my mind is driving me mad. So if anyone could spare adivice or think it might be one of the above 3, id really be thankful. Thanks for any replys … Sean

Answer #1

these are actually very common thoughts! they can can from many things, and stress is the leading cause. I suggest you do more things for you! not for anyone but you! something you love and enjoy and it will help. also a healthy diet, eating lighter foods will also help as it promotes good brain activity! good luck! and I hope your mind will see more sunshine than gloom!

Answer #2

Sounds to me like you are overworked and overstressed. I get that during exams.

Try taking a break (not sleeping) when you get home at night. Like read a book, play a computer game. Something that doesn’t require much thinking.

Or alternatively try some exercise. It is an excellent way to control stress. And eat a healthy diet (lots of fish or an omega 3+6 supplement and maybe a vitamin b supplement)

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