If ACORN is a big deal, why was the Republican arrested?

So the voter fraud issue is something every American should be deeply concerned about, irregardless of political party. The lack of a paper trail is a massive problem, because according to some in the media, the 2004 election was rigged. Be that as it may, I’ve been reading for weeks about ACORN & the “voter fraud” that they committed. However, there has not been a single arrest, right?

Today though, a Republican was arrested for multiple counts of voter fraud in California and he was in charge of a (gasp) voter registration organization. So…will we see more arrests like this? When is the acorn going to fall, or was that political spin to prevent us from noticing that yep, it’s a Republican who got taken away in handcuffs?

Answer #1

The whole ACORN issue is a red herring the GOP and the bush administration have created out of thin air. It is all about caging and casting doubt on voter registrations of democrats. And this is all centered around the US Attorney firings. Remember, David Inglesias was fired in 2006 because he wouldn’t pursue a case against ACORN because he felt there was no evidence. Now ask yourself about the attorneys who weren’t fired? Could it be they don’t have quite the same integrity as Inglesias? As thedude said, in all of these investigations, there has not been one conviction, or even an indictment against ACORN. In 2006 there were four employees of ACORN indicted for submitting fraudulent registrations. But it was not against ACORN, in fact it was ACORN themselves who turned them in upon discovering it.

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