Will the felony arrest of meg whitman's son negatively impact her run for the CA governor position?

I just read that he pushed a woman at a bar for taking his baseball cap…she broke her ankle and there are witnesses that corroborate her version of the story. I dunno about you guys…but, I think he needs to start learning to hold onto his soap. On a serious note, does the chick beating son have any impact on her qualifications as governor?

Answer #1

I think it will. Just like with Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter… Some people think ‘’Okay, they can’t keep their kids in check, how are they gonna handle the whole country?’’

Answer #2

if he JUST pushed her, i don’t think its a “chick beating” i don’t agree with guys putting their hands on females, but i also don’t agree with females getting males. I think hes old enough to face his own consequences, and his mother shouldn’t be the one blamed for them. He is his own person, hes not a 2yr old, where the mom gets blamed if he pees on a girl. She should be left out of this situation, and it should focus only on her.

i wonder why he pushed the chick but i’d be filled with inner rage too if i inherited that forehead :O its massive.

Answer #3

*females hitting males.

Answer #4

It shouldn’t impact her political career but there is a double standard for women in politics so I expect it to have an impact on voter’s opinion of her. A man in the same position wouldn’t have the same problem.

To me the biggest negative impact on her run would be her association with Goldman Sachs and the fact that most of her CV is related to business rather than politics and public service.

Answer #5

let me guess, Meg is a Republican.

Answer #6

Keep her Kids in Check? hahaha! Wow such big expectations. Congatulations on being so fit to judge. hahaha! Jeremy and I have been around long enough to know that short of locking them up, Teenagers can be difficult. I know I was. I have Been in recovery for a long time and the most baffling stories are from the People who’s Parents did the best they could, gave them great lives and they still turned out (so-called) Bad. Come on Moe.

Answer #7

And, also recently settled a lawsuit herself for pushing somebody at an executive meeting at her last company…thus the interesting question, ya? How far does the apple fall from the tree, really?

Answer #8

Sometimes Execs need some roughing up. All kidding aside, would this matter to you if the person was in your party? I dont care who runs that state. Maybe the next one who does can balance the budget down there. Its Called cutting the fat. We had to cut 4 billion in programs up here in Oregon. Tough times demand cuts.

Answer #9

It would matter a heck of a lot :) I’m voting Republican in the next presidential election as the current guy, to me, is a massive failure.

AND, at the state level, the Republican who replaced Davis started off completely wrong by settling the utility lawsuits about the rolling power outages…and things only went downhill from there. The state senate here is a massive joke - at least in Oregon, you don’t have anti democratic, arcane rules about a 2/3 majority to make change happen…if they did have something like that, I’m sure my family would be SOL as the state would have rammed home that sales tax they keep desperately pursuing.

Answer #10

I’m sorry! I didn’t say I was one of those people… It’s just when Sarah Palin’s daughter got pregnant, that’s all I heard from people.. ‘’Oh, she couldn’t keep track of her own daughter, blah blah blah’’… that’s all I’m saying. I don’t agree with it, :) No matter how hard you try to steer your kids in the right direction, it’s up to them to stay the course, but people don’t understand that.

Answer #11

OOOOH! My Bad. I got so tired of how everyone was judging Sarah Palin. Who the hek are they? It was just wrong and dont give me that “All is fair in love and war” crap! You keep the kids out of it. But it goes on, always will. radicals willl be Radicals. There is even a book called “rules for Radicals”, and this type of stuff is in there. Nothing matters except the end objective, It;s the cause, and its worth throwing people under the bus. That is where politics get ugly. In the end Sarah knew it wasnt personal. I’m sure Meg knows too. Sorry Moe, I get a little bit defensive when it comes to Sarah Palin, LOL.

Answer #12

It does not seem Arnold has lived up to his goals he campaigned on, (who does these days). I know what you mean. Up here 85 percent of oregonians voted against a sales tax and our stupid Governor wants to create one. Hmmm. . . How do we elect somebody who does something against 85 percent of the people?

Answer #13

lol No worries. I don’t agree with it at all… same with celebrities.. their personal lives are all out there for the world to see.. I heard more about Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter than Sarah Palin haha.. how many young girls get pregnant everyday..? I don’t know why it was such a big deal. :)

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