Why? (Mostly goes to republicans)

I never got this in the first place? Why did everyone make a big deal about all of the Democratic candidates this year? They’re all equal American citizens that should deserve as many rights as any other person in this country.

People said obama was a muslim? Ever though he’s not, why does it matter if he WAS a muslim? A Muslim has every right to run for president as much as a christian does. First Amendment!!! FREEDOM OF RELIGION. You shouldn’t base a president by his/her religion.

Barack Hussien Obama. It’s a name, everyone has one. Why does his name automatically make him an Islamic Terrorist? A Person with the name of JOHN MCCAIN can be a terrorist as much as a person can be with the name Barack Obama. Someone with the name Barack Obama has EVERY RIGHT to run as much as a person with the name John McCain.

Yeah yeah the whole Ayers thing, boo hoo. He bombed buildings when Barack was like 7 years old. Oh so now he has terrorist realtions? Because he talks to Barack about his campaign? Grow up people.

Answer #1

Lest us not forget the Rev. Wright…

I didn’t realize that Rebulicans had a monopoly on making big deals??


Answer #2

We dont know a lot about him and I think its just scarying Americans and even people from different countries. Just hold in there I know its a tough time but with who ever becomes president it was meant to be. There is a good and bad to everyone. Some just worse than others. Im a republican and a strong one at that but people just need to know the facts and all.

Just try to be open minded and all that the only thing you can do. I’ve done it for you please try to do it to others. People grow up in different ways which makes the way they think. You just have to forgive and realize that people make mistakes! I hope I helped you see that not all republicans are the same.

Have a great day :)

Answer #3

From the mouth of babes…

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