What is the big deal with Helen Thomas?

This isn’t the first time a promenent figure has made comments, and by comparasion I would believe them to be pretty tame, Personally I support israel, but understand the palastinians position, is this so shocking of a position that she should be fired over?

Answer #1

Right now Israel is enduring a firestorm of criticism for their recent lapse in judgement. Helen Thomas has been a thorn in AIPAC’s side for some time now and apparently being on the defensive has only led to more bad decisions for Zionist expansionist support. After illegally boarding humanitarian ships and executing 20 unarmed workers… It isn’t a good idea to appear to be picking on the ninety year old stalwart fixture in the white house media corps despite her negative sentiment.

The Israeli government made a big mistake… if they would have taken their well deserved lumps with a measure of humility and prostrated themselves in front of the court of global public opinion… they could have saved their image somewhat. This route of going on the defensive and decrying the global uproar likens the Israeli government to a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum when things don’t go their way.

Our government has only tarnished its image by showing its support for this type of behavior

Answer #2

You failed to answer the question, also you said they were unarmed, actually the humanitarians had weapons but instead of looking at evidence you decided to ignore it. So you believe then that a nation should be ruled by the public oppinion of other nations rather then its own?

Answer #3

Perhaps I failed to understand the question… you were asking about the big deal of Helen Thomas by my best estimation and unless she is having a garage sale… the premise of your question invites speculation as to why her words led to the consequences that befell her. You may not agree with my rationale… but I answered your open ended query.

I would consider the brandishing of sticks and pocket knives and the odd tool aboard the ship when confronted with automatic assault rifles as a generally accepted quality of being unarmed. Video footage from aboard the vessels corroborates the narrative that some of the crew members were executed after having been detained by the Israeli operatives… in other words… unarmed by even your overzealous standards. If Israeli commandos raided your house… and you resisted them with whatever was at your disposal… would your execution be justified? The ships were assailed in international waters… this was an act of piracy. Slick move… mentioning the “weapons” of the humanitarians without a description… and you have the gall to question my intellectual integrity?

I believe that drawing the ire of every other nation on the planet is counterproductive at the very least. Perhaps you are aware of the military propaganda axiom that involves winning over the hearts and minds. Look at what this unilateral… go it alone mentality has done to Israels efforts. The blockade is over… Egypt has opened its borders to the Palestinians. No… my opinion… let the nation be ruled by the consent of the governed… if Israel can be a self sustaining nation… and fulfill its every demand by means of its own resources… let them. As an American whose tax money supports Israel… I can attest first hand that this isn’t the case… Padre.

Since you have trouble drawing conclusions from the context of my opinion… No… it’s not shocking to most of us.

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