Why did Republicans use fake video to convict acorn?

They wasted four months of tax payer money in court, they used false video footage…can we sue these idiots and get our money back? The government is bankrupt…and assclowns are pillaging from us to make a mockery of our judicial processes.

OR…should we just have another tea party and bury our heads in the sand?

Answer #1

..because there was no real evidence? /grin

Answer #2

Look, I’m all for halting funding of groups that shouldn’t be given money…however due process is what makes our country great :)

Not leveraging the court system to drain taxpayer money on fictional evidence…OR do you think that we should just make up evidence anytime we are CERTAIN that somebody is a bad guy?

I can see how well that would work out…where’s my noose, I’ve got some goldman sachs folk to string up…

Answer #3

Name one thing fake about the real things the Acorn employee said on the tape. As for Acorn it was revealed for its fraudulent drain on taxpayers and fortunately we saved a bundle by not funding that piece of trash any longer. Check this: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-complete-guide-to-acorn-voter-fraud if you want to know more about Acorn

Answer #4

I can see how well that would work out…where’s my noose, I’ve got some goldman sachs folk to string up…

I don’t blame you… I think a lot of people are of the same mind… which is why Goldman Sachs executives have started packing heat.


Answer #5

Name one thing fake about the real things the Acorn employee said on the tape.

You do know that the idiots who made these videos had been to a bunch of offices where they were chased away. They cherry picked and edited the content to make it look like this type of behavior is rapant at acorn. In fact as soon as ACORN saw the one video of employees giving advice to the fake hooker and pimp, they immidiately fired those employees.

The only thing you seem to know about acorn is what FOX tells you to believe. They have never been found guilty of a single crime, despite the witch hunt by the GOP.

Every single charge of voter fraud was not against ACORN. It was against ACORN employees who had filled out bogus voter registration cards. Do you know how they were caught? ACORN discovered the fraud and reported it to the authorities themselves, as they are required to do. ACORN, as part of the voter registration process, is required to review all of the registrations they collect, and do their best to verfy them prior to submitting them. Any that are suspect are reported as such. They did exactly what they were supposed to. But this little nuance never seems to get reported. Especially if you get your news from FOX Noise.

Answer #6

ACORN is the least of my concerns in regard to the US “justice” system. The entire system is so broken, it’s laughable to refer to it as justice at all.

t’s only slightly better than the old soviet “justice” system.

Answer #7

You have to understand the dynamic that voter turnout has on elections.

Light turnout favors Republicans.

Heavy turnout favors Democrats.

Republicans try to raise barriers to voting because they know it will keep more Democratic voters from voting than Republican

Democrats try to lower the barriers to voting because low to average demographic voters cast more Democratic votes.

Republicans raise the concern of voter fraud to justify raising the barrier to voting while Democrats raise the concern of disenfranchisement to justify lowering the barriers.

By singing up voters ACORN is indirectly helping elect Democrats. The Republicans would be happy of the voters ACORN signed up just stayed home.

Answer #8

I don’t think it was “fake video”. When you use dead people and count their votes I don’t know how that could be “faked”.

Yes the country is broke. When you put a president in there that thinks they can spend their way out of a recession what do you think is going to happen? And then wants to nationalized the health care system which adds one more thing to the broke government budget.

But luckily hey.. their is money to be made in all markets.

Answer #9

I don’t think it was fake video. When you use dead people and count their votes I don’t know how that could be faked.

Show us where ACORN was found guilty of doing this.

You are absolutely right filet. The whole Bush firing of US attorneys scandal was about voter suppression. The GOP wanted attorneys who would use their office for political gain. David Inglesias was fired because he refused to prosecute a bogus case against ACORN. All of the voter-fraud investigations into ACORN are bogus.

The GOP hate ACORN because they dare to work at getting lower income neighborhoods registered to vote. They are quite un-democratic.

Answer #10

pitch19, spending your way out of a recession is basic Keynesian economics; when the private sector stops spending money the government spends more to keep everything rolling. Both parties have done this. Remember back in the 1980’s when everyone said the world was going to end because of our huge and growing deficit national debt? When Reagan got into office he started a program of massive deficit adding twice as much to our debt in 8 years as was accumulated in the prior 200. The problem was that Reagan didn’t know when to scale back; when he was successful ending the recession he didn’t begin to scale back government spending, he spent even more! Bush Sr followed Reagan and continued deficit spending but the stimulating effect of deficit spending on the economy had long since reached the point of diminishing returns; no element of fiscal discipline returned until Clinton took office and cut back the Federal workforce to the lowest level it was since Kennedy was in office and raised taxes slightly leading to the first nearly balanced budgets in decades. Bush Jr took office and eliminated Clinton’s tax increases because we all know how awful the economy was when Clinton was in office. He also created new federal bureaucracies and started expensive wars deciding to use expensive mercenaries and private contractors as much as possible.

Based on the experience of the last 30 years, if you like small government and low deficits elect Democrats. If you like big government and large deficits elect Republicans.

President Obama is spending a butt load of money; we can’t afford to spend it and we can’t afford not to. At least much of the money being spent now is going to things that will have some future payoff instead of going in a black hole like most did under previous administrations.

I wonder where all the conservatives were when Reagan and both Bushes were spending money we didn’t have. The same ones now who are saying the sky is falling because President Obama is doing the same thing.

Answer #11

Well Jeremy, we sould be bless that their is a very good,excellent President call Obama,because he changed wellstreet too be very,not very bad like the 1990s& early 2000s,also he has changed the hole world around too be good also,and puting people back too work.

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