I need to convince my mom into letting me get a certain hairstyle

im getting my hair cut in 2 days, and I’ve looked through over 250 pictures of scene/emo hairstyles, and out of all those pictures, I only found ONE that I absolutely adored! I LOVE it, all my friends LOVE it, and my mom HATES it when I asked to get that one, she got really pissy and said no because according to her, im already “emo enough” (even thought im like, in the middle of emo, scene, and punk) and she was saying how I dont need a “freak” haircut like that and blah blah blah and I really want to convince her into letting me get it done like that, because I LOVE it SO much! and theres no other picture that I like! and I need to convince her before tuesday, and I only have 3 hours left on the computer until next weekend! I dont want to get the same color as the picture, just the actually haircut itself I need some advise about how I can convince her!

Answer #1

im sure there is.. but I only have half an hour left on the comp.. and the reason why im getting my hair cut in the first place is because its getting too long and is really bugging me

Answer #2

what the hell is wrong with a normal haircut…listen I’m 19 and the 1 thing I realized is that the only people in the world that actually find emo styles cool…are emo’s… from what I see in the picture your a cute girl DON’T DO IT!!!


Answer #3

thats not me in the picture, thats the picture I found that I love and idc who likes my hair and who duznt im not one of those kinds of people who care about what other people think of me if I like it, then I like it.. and if someone else hates it, thats their problem, not mine but thanks for your opinion anyways

Answer #4

haha dont under esitmate the power of my mom XD plus, shes the one whose going to be paying for my hair cut, and shes going to be driving me there and everything.. I already thought about getting it done anyways without her knowing until she sees me.. but theres really no way I could do that.. unless I talked to the chick cutting my hair without my mom knowing.. hmm haha I don’t know, I might just print that picture and show the chick without my mom knowing about it.. haha because once its cut, its cut =]

Answer #5

haha thanks =] but yea.. I still need to figure out how to convince her into letting me get it sigh XD

Answer #6

lol well, thanks for the advice =]

Answer #7

lolz hey no worries, if it’s all the same I like your attitude ;)

Answer #8

I think shes only paying attention to the color of the hair instead of the actually hair cut… wich is probly why shes saying no.. I bet if the picture of the hair was a different color, she wouldnt hate it as much.. but with my mom, I dont think showing her worse pictures would help

Answer #9

I’d like to point out that in all the big cities in the united states

Scene is very much on the downfall. (I live in portland, Oregon which is only a few hours from seattle, where scene started)

Its become quite popular to make fun of the ridiculous hairdo’s of scene kids and if you got one now in 5 years you’ll look back and go “what the hell was I thinking”. Not only that but you would just be “jumping on the bandwagon”

Try to find something that makes you look unique, yet awesome without being absolutely ridiculous like the “scene” haircuts often are.

Answer #10

well you should ask her then when she says no you tell her that you really really really really really like it then say that you wont talk to her ever again if she wont say yes! stomp away an yell even if I am emo you have to love me and if you dont it sucks to be u!it always works 4 me!!!

Answer #11

Well if you feel that strongly about getting it done, and you know in your heart that that particular hairstyle is going to make you happy then…f**k it just do it ;) how long can she possibly stay mad??

Answer #12

oh my I love that hair XD just try to guilt her into it or tell her that it is you hair not hers

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