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How can I convince my Mom to let me wear a bikini?

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now before I tell you my question & stuff let me say this. I'm not bragging or trying to get attention or anything like that. The reason I'm saying this cause people have asked about this & the comments they get are... "your just trying broadcast your boobs & you are a slut...sso its natural to have big etc." I do not need that I need real advice. So my mom is always on my case about what I wear cause she says my boobs & butt are big. she won't let me wear a bikini,v neck, shorts or anything like that. It makes me feel bad :( :( I've tried loosing weight but they still stayed :( I wear a size 11 pants & bra size is 38 D I'm 14 also 5'6 (if you need more info to help answer my question just ask me )So do you think my boobs & butt are big? also how can I convince my mom to let me wear a bikini, shorts etc. Can I get them smaller without surgery? serious advice please!