How can I convince my mom to let me dye my hair darker?

Okay so my mom won’t let me dye my hair! I really want to get it done, and lowlights wont cut it ebcause it’s not actually gonna make it darker. I want my hair dark so bad, like black and she wont let me do it myself or at the salon!!! How can I convince her to let me do it?!?! I ask :can I get lowlihgts” she says no “can I get it dyed” no “can I get it darkened a little” no ughhh

Answer #1

to tell you the truth I would just do it behind her back and if she is really that against it then she will make you dye it back…but she has no clue what it even looks like dark so she doesnt know if it looks good on you or not…like my dad would have never letten me get any peircings but I just pierced my nose and he got mad but after a couple days he started to like it and when it healed up he was tellin me that he really liked it on me so id just say go for it you never know what might happen

Answer #2

Give her the whole speech about being self expression. It works for me ^_^

Answer #3

just do it dont ask

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