How can I get my Mom to let me get highlights?

Ok so I am 14 and really really really want to get my hair highlighted. The problem is my mom says I am to young and I have “beautiful” hair without them, but I REALLY HATE my hair, how can I get my mom and dad to change their minds and let me dye my hair?

Answer #1

Your Mom answered you and gave you a clear answer - she Loves you and is looking after your best interests - just ask them ‘At what age can I get it highlighted’ ? - then you’ll know..and don’t worry, time flies..I wish you the best and congrats on having beautiful hair !!

Answer #2

Well I got my hair colored the first time when I was 12 just look up on ways to take care of colored and highlighted hair. Learn your stuff and then set up some sort of presentation to them on how you plan to keep it up and how you are ready to explore more into other styles and things like that just let them know you intend to keep your hair looking nice and healthy even with highlights.

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