How do I convince my mom to let me get rid of my chinese bangs?

I really want side swept bangs but my mom says they look disgusting on me, but one timee for oppisite day and on facebook i wore side swept bangs and everyone loved it…. I really like it on me… I want this kind.

Answer #2

really thats mean of her to say, also thats just an opinion. if you like them then you should get it done. what she going to do ground you cuz she doesn’t like them. also if you do just get them done then maybe she will realize that they don’t look disgusting at all that they look beautiful on you =)

Answer #3

Who cares about what your mom says, if i didnt like my hair or wanted it a way that she didnt like who cares. Its your hair and its on your head, id just go off and do whatever id want with it.

Answer #4

agreed =)

Answer #5

She said no, saying that I look horrible anyway else. She doesnt get that it hurts… :,( Whats her problem…

Answer #6

i didn’t realize you were 14. but i think she needs to understand your at the age you want to express yourself and i think regardless weather she thinks it would look bad or it actually does is for you to decide. she needs to back off and let you make those kind of minor decisions on your life.

Answer #7

It is your hair you should be able to do whatever you want with it. Anyways you could totally pull it off cool pic btw:D

Answer #8

Why not just go get the haircut yourself?

Answer #9

It shouldn’t matter what your mum thinks. You are your own person with your own sense of style, you know what you want and what you want to try. I would just go for it!

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