How to convince my mom to let me wear mineral foundation?

Hello everyone,

Okay, so, I’m a teenager and my mom allows me to wear eye makeup one day a week. But on that day I also want to wear a little bit of mineral foundation to even out my skin tone. It’s not bad for your skin…how can I politely and respectfully convince her to let me use it? I’ve talked with her about it before, twice. And we started to argue. Any ideas?

Answer #1

Wow, you should be allowed to wear makeup when ever you want after all you are 17. You shouldn’t have to ask and as for the one day a week rule, thats stupid, make up is make up.

Answer #2

haha you mum is a control freak thats what. It had to be said. Letting their teenager girl wear make up once a week only on the eyes and argues over foundation. I seriously feel sorry for you.

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