Help convince my mom to let me get a scene cut

Can someone help me think of some reasons to convince my mom to let me get a scene cut,please? She’s all strick asian lol Please!! I’ve been told by a ton of people that I would look awesome with scene hair but I need some help convincing my mom

And any photos of scene hair without it all colors Just the cut. or hilights or whatever Just a cut where its not hilighted rainbow (awesome but my mom will nvr go for it)

Thank you

Answer #1

hmm…that’s what im also trying to find one I could pick then trying to convince her with that one

Answer #2

get pictures of asian girls with the haircuts you like. if she sees a lot of other asian girls she may let you get it cut.

Answer #3

Which cut, exactly? There are some that are less extravagant than others, and surely your mother can’t oppose those.

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