Earthquake in Cupertino, I'm ok, is everybody else?

The whole house just shook, it was unreal. Biggest earthquake I’ve been in since moving to California.

Is everybody else in the bay area ok? A light earthquake occurred at 10:40:29 AM (PDT) on Monday, March 30, 2009. The magnitude 4.6 event occurred 18 km (11 miles) and of Morgan Hill, CA. The hypocentral depth is 6 km ( 4 miles). (added after I got a confirmation from the USGS).

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I was in a 5.2 here in Portland Or, back in 1992. It shook for about 5 secs. Scary.

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Oh, I can sympathize with you - am very relieved to hear that you’re OK.

Have been through several earthquakes - when visiting a friend in Hollister , CA(‘earthquake capital of the world’, they say), then in Tanzania (that Great Rift Valley is pretty unstable and most recently in Nepal (where The Big One is long overdue) - and all I can say is: it is an unbelievably frightening experience!

Warm wishes from Cyprus (where earthquakes are not unknown either)

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