Is it true the world could end tomorrow?

Is it true the world could end tomorrow? I dont get why theyre doing that experiment thing, it can only really end badly Im scared someone please tell me that its nothing to be worried about, even if it is Xoxox

Answer #1
  • They’re not actually engaging in any collisions when they first fire it up. It’s just a test run in which they circulate a beam to make sure everything’s working.
  • When they do test it with collisions, they’ll be testing it at a low power that’s already been done hundreds or thousands of times in other supercolliders around the world.
  • When they do fire it up to full power (probably some time next year), yes, there’s a theory that predicts microscopic black holes. The theory’s considered pretty unlikely, and even if they do form, they will ‘evaporate’ back into nothing in extremely short order.
  • The sort of collisions they’ll be testing at full power happen in our upper atmosphere all the time. If microscopic black holes are formed that way, the earth would have been consumed by them long ago.

So in a nutshell: No, the world will not end this wednesday, or when they actually use it to test collisions, or when they fire it up to full power. No, not even a ‘small’ chance - no chance at all.

Answer #2

I highly doubt the world will end 2morrow..I didnt even hear about this until I took a look at this question…if I were you I woodnt worry about it:)

Answer #3


It is actually possible, as I understand it, that the experiment will create subatomic black holes that will last a tiny fraction of a second before collapsing. But the likelihood of these black holes becoming the more well-known kind of black hole is nearly nonexistent.

Answer #4

The world could ttly end at any time, I think the world will end in about ten years, but that’s MY prediction. They say the world wil wnd in 4 years (2012) because that’s when the aztec calender ends, but I don’t believe that.


Answer #5

well, I highly doubt itll end tomorrow it will end one day but we’ll be dead by then and so will our kids and our grandkids and so on dont worry! enjoy life.

Answer #6

no this has been going round 4 years and years and so on by the way im sadstacey

Answer #7

Yes, the world ended on Wednesday. We are all dead and what you are experiencing is all an illusion.

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