what shld I do m in pharmacy bt lke physics not mugging?

I m in pharmacy where mugging is must bt I don’t like mugging anythg.. I like physics bt unfortunately got admitted in this field..p give me any solution so thst I can go back to my physics studies without waste of my pharma degree…

Answer #1

…So you’re saying you have a degree in pharmacy… I’ll assume you got that off the old internet, because it worries me that someone presenting a question of that calibre can hand out drugs. But ignoring my rudeness and getting down to the answer. There is a field of research into drug delivery systems, so called smart polymers which release the right amount of drug at the right time, or even ones which sense when the drug is needed and release it then.

Answer #2

im not sure what you mean by mugging but if you want to something with physics but kinda related to pharmacy you could look into chemical engineering or something.

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