What is a healthy way to gain weight?

I am a 14 year old girl and I am 5 ' 9 and I weigh 114 pounds... but I am very self-concious about how skinny I am.. personally I am VERY skinny and I hate being called a twig. my shape is good but I have small arms and legs..is there any eating habits/foods that can help to gain a healthy weight without everything going to my stomach to make me look pregnant.
I find its hard for me to gain weightt.. :(

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All you have to do is to eat food with slightly more calories. Like, try eating 100% whole wheat bread. Instead of 70 calories per slice, it's 100. If you drink fat free milk, change it to 2%.

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yeah my spine sortof sticks out but my mom has that and she isnt that skinny at all... and she said she was thin at my age too but eventually you get bigger... is this true?

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omg i've had the same problem forever i'm 5'5 and weigh 93lbs and i'm 17
but u're fine the way u are i hate how people make it seem like skinny people are anorexic because some people are just made that way.

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well im 5'7 and weigh 132 when i was 14 i only weighed about 81 pounds and i was 5'5 i was always called a twig or being accused of being anarexic well now that i am fatter i wish i would have stayed skinny im not fat i just dont like my belly or my a$$ lol but it was hard for me to gain weight to but then when i turned 17 my metabolsim wasnt as high

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yes oh yes i am right now excercising and trying to lose a little weight and after all i was so thin that everyone thought i was anerexic which i wasnt and am still not but i hope this is helping you a little bit and who gives a f*ck what those other kids say because honestly they are jeaouls and i knoe everybody says that and u may not believe them but they are if there werent why are they all on diets trying to look just as skinny as you... i really hope that i helped you Destinee

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u seem fine to me man i wish that i weigh that much shot i would be glad and who ever has a promblem with ur weight is just jelous

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eat healthy and drink lots of milk..I am 13 and I weigh 80 pounds..people always talk crap..but yeah just keep on eating

What are some healthy ways to gain weight?
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How to gain weight in a healthy and steady way?

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