how can I get over depression without telling anyone?

is that possible? to get over depression without having anyone know? does anyone know any natural things that I can do? so far people dont know, because im always pretending im happy. I really want to get over this. please help ):

Answer #1

First of all, K-town!! Lived in Daegu for while.

Seriously though…I know it’s kind of lame, but have you taken any of those online depression tests? They don’t tell you much, but at least you can get an idea of why you’re feeling that way.

If you’re feeling depressed because of certain change in events (ie death in family, separation from family friends, recent breakup with boyfriend/girlfriend) than time will do the healing. Most often times than not, it’s hard to get over depression without good support.

If you’re depressed and it’s been ongoing for a over a month, and you honestly don’t know why you’re depressed, and there is nothing that makes you motivated to do anything, you should seek counseling.

Serious cases of depression are chemical imbalances in the head that need professional treatment.

On the other hand, if you’re just feeling blue these days, and you want to lazy around and not see other people, that’s ok too. If it persists, for weeks on end, where you can’t seem to “snap out of it” I would definitely try to find professional counseling. It’s not that bad.

Answer #2

well I got over depressto\ion with help of my bestie and maybe you should talkto someone you are really close to and you could get happy pills it works ;] uh stay away from drugs because when you are depressed you may think it’s the way out but it makes shiz worse… hang with friends that are possitive as much as possible try to smile more um… this may sound dumb but its a fact the light helps depression so keep your room more lighted than normal try not to stay in your room or infact anywhere else alone a lot write about stuff you don’t like then burn it throw your razors away if you are that far with depression like I was then also stay out of the kitchen and keep the nifes in there [an any other sharp stuff] if you do cutt then starelize the thing you cut with by holding in a flame then whipping it with rubbing achol…and after you do pour achol on cuts it burns but helps ummm… try to listen to happy music and stay away from depressing things if you don’t already have a b.f. get one with one it’s easier for girls to be happy

well thats all I have to say about that for now I hope I helped you out =] -Sarah

Answer #3

No, you cannot overcome depression without help. I’ve tried it. It worked for about three years and I thought I was fine. but on that fourth year, I caved. it’s worse than ever, and even though I thought it was getting better, it was slowly getting worse. The worse it is, the harder it is to deal with. You must tell someone to get help, otherwise it could lead to serious and dangerous problems.

Answer #4

im sure that the reason im depressed is because my mother passed in august. I was the only one with her, and she had a heart attack. I have constant nightmares and me and my dad and my brother go to a counsler but its more like family stuff like why were fighting. not personal. she doesnt know how I feel. ughhh. and yes, I have cut before. but it didnt really help the way I was feeling so I stopped.

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