How to make myself have a bad dream -or- nightmare?

I know yall are like why you wanna have a bad dream, but I just need to have one is there any thing I can eat? drink? or do so I can have a bad dream? thankx

Answer #1

Just watch a scery movie liek prom night or something like that.

Answer #2

Eat A LOT of junk food!!!Wstch A LOT of scary movies.Especially drink A LOT of coffe and soda and eat A LOT of chocolate!!!Pretty much anything with A LOT of sugar and caffine!!!Hope I helped!=D

Answer #3

I have heard peopl say if you eat cheese before you go to sleep it gives you nightmares. I am inclined to think this is crap though, I have never had a bad dream from this.

Answer #4

I had terrible nightmares after watching the boy in Striped Pyjamas! I couldn’t close my eyes without thinking about it. That film is a must- watch for Nightmares! Hope I helped lol :)

Answer #5

Why the heck would you want to have a bad dream? I avoid sleep sometimes because I’m afraid of having one. lol I find if I eat sugary/junk foods, drink soda and/or watch something scary or disturbing too soon before bed, I’ll have a nightmare. :(

Answer #6

I rally dont know I would probly think of something that frightens you or wharch something that scares you!!! when I read that question I thought the same thing for a sec there!!! lol

Answer #7

well, its weird that you want to have nightmares, but whatever floats your boat.

watch a LOT of scary movies. I couldn’t sleep well when I watched nightmare on elm’s street, Asian horror movies like shutter, the phone, the eye, the ring, etc.

Dussie may be right, watch holocaust movies and documentaries, they might bring nightmares because they really did happen (and could, likewise, happen still, in the future…) look at photos of dead, massacred people, and bloody stuff. Read about serial killers, rapists, and crazy criminals. so yeah :S gaaad im having a nightmare just thinking about this.

Answer #8

uh,,well I had a nightmare after reading a story about a serial killer? “jeffrey dahmer”.. I had to call my boyfriend in the middle of the night.. I was so scared, lol :D

Answer #9

24 hour nicorette patches are know for giving bad dreams ;)

Answer #10

Eat like a crazy! Eat as much as you can! And sleep right away. You will have a horrible night :/

Answer #11

think of bad/horrible things for a while before you go to sleep

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