Bad dreams all the time?

Whenever I have dreams, theyre always sad or scary or bizzare. I never have happy dreams. Why is this?

If you can answer this, please funmail it to me, I cannot view my answers(:

Thanks. Xo

Answer #1

Before going to dreams. Sit 10-15 minutes clam, don’t think anything in your mind. Pray that today you will not get bad dreams.

Answer #2

Try not staying up so late at night. Sounds funny but its true. When you body’s really tired it goes in a deeper sleep. That’s when you have dreams.

Answer #3

You probably dont have bad dreams all the time, you probably just remember the bad dreams more than you would the good ones. Everyone dreams several times a night, they only recall about half their dreams… Because bad dreams are more anxiety provoking and in general more emotional, you’re more likely to wake up from them and actually remember them. Try to get a good night’s sleep. Try and keep your sleep schedule consistent. Dont watch scary movies. And finally if you do remember what the dreams are about you may want to think about them for a bit. I dont think all dreams mean something, but sometimes your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. And you may have to deal with it in your waking life before the dreams go away…

Answer #4

maby you are truly not happy try to make your day more positive

Answer #5

Sounds like you have a lot of negative thought patterns going on right now. You should focus on the good things in your life before you go to bed. Write them down if it helps and then sleep. Dont eat too close to going to sleep either or that can cause a change in sleep patterns. On another note I had a granny nap this afternoon and it was about chucky dolls that were alive and breeding lol. We ( god knows who the people were) had to kill them and track them down but there was chuckys bride in the top story of this place and no one wanted to try to get her because she was bigger and had huge claws. God I hope you dont read this before bed. Sorry :(

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