why am I having bad dreams?

Hey im 13,but I’m starting to have really bad dreams. Tonight I was studying and my parent’s were watching “paranormal activity” So I was nosey and came out to watch.I watched the whole movie and now im freaked out. I don’t want to go to sleep because I know what kind of dream I will have anyone got any advice?

Answer #1

its just cause thats what your mind is on at the moment.. solutions?

  1. Get a dream catcher
  2. watch a funny movie after a scary one
Answer #2

dont eat a lot during dinner,you might have a nightmare and never wake up(it’s true), it’s normal to have bad dreams because it’s your subconscious thats giving you that, so if you think your gonna have nightmares, DONT watch scary movies…

Answer #3

dont watch scary movies…

Answer #4

Relax and did you eat/drink a bunch of sugar?If so,that will not help!And next time,don’t watch scary movies!!!When I was 11,I watched the movie:Scary movie and that night I had a funny dream but I was lucky!!!you could not be so lucky!!!So don’t!!!

Answer #5

Go watch a funny comedy show on TV and laugh a lot and remember those parts for awhile after a scary movie, then this should help a lot for u.

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