A reocurring bad dream:( please help!!!

Since I was a child, I’ve had the same nightmares over and over again!!! First one, I’m always on my own, walking on a street, then someone either a gangster, or a agressor, or a scary person comes with a gun and points it at my chest! I either get shot there, or try 2 fight him 2 keep him from shooting me!! I always get shot, and pass out!!! I alway get shot 5 to six times! 1 in the chest, 1 in the stomach, 1 in the shoulder, and 2 in the left leg! I wake up in the hospital wih people talking, but the words are unaudiable and my vision is blurry! I do see I have tatoos, which are in the next nightmare also! I cant read them, but I know I have a name of someone on my chest!

The second time(sometimes same night) I’m dreaming that I’m in a street, running away in the darkness of night from someone or something, im wearing nice clothes, have the same tattoos in my 1st dream, and diamond jewelry on(bling)! I am running as hard as possible, but not getting anywhere or far! Then I get shot 2 times in the back and collapse! I feel my heart beat slower, then I feel cold! I die! I know I did! I suddenly feel, someone trying 2 revive me with paddles, I hear the doctors say their losing me,… They do! Everything goes blue as I hear the monitor create a long beep!!!

This nightmare happens many times a month:( can anyone interpret?

Answer #1

dreams are strange things. I have one reoccuring dream also. that my boyfriend that I love dearly dies. usually only happens when im starting my period though, when im the most emotional. I have a fear of losing the people I love, so I dream about it. your dream might be caused by something that effects you a lot, but you only subconcsiously think about it? im not really sure. you might have a similarity to what im talking about though.

Answer #2

Maybe its an experience or something that shocked you when you were a kid, I’m not too sure to be honest.

But I keep getting the same nightmares… last night I had a dream that I died and found out what happens after death… because I’ve been wondering about what actually happens.

I’m not sure, maybe it’s something on your mind…

I really hate nightmares… because the whole day after I’m always a bit “out of it”.

But… maybeee… maybe you think that you dreamt it before… but maybe you dreamt that you dreamt it many times before, and now you can’t tell whether you actually did.

=S Sorry I wasn’t much help.

  • Jess
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