How can I make these nightmares about my dad go away?

O.k for the past 2 weeks I have this nightmare(it slightly changes almost every time but still has the main idea.)where my dad(abused me from when I was 5 to 10 years old btw.)Anyways,I dream I am at my school eating lunch and I am sitting with my friends and he bursts in the lunch room and tries to look for me.He finally finds me and I run and tell teachers and my friends to hold him off while I go run,hide and call my mom and the police.When he finds me again,he grabs me(very slowly like it’s dramatic or something) and carries me out the room and right when we are almost out the front door,I shout “Nnnnooo!!!” Then I wake up in a cold sweat.It’s so scary and it feels so real.You have GOT to help me.I can’t can’t tell anyone I know.PLEASE HELP ME!!!Thank you!Ally;)

Answer #1

Thank you!;)Ally

Answer #2

Sounds like you really need to talk to someone. Your abuse as a child is obviously plaguing you. Tell someone you trust. And you can try listening to music while you fall asleep.

Answer #3

My mom knows,my brother,my friends,my,step-dad pretty much everyone I know very well and love.I am afraid that they will get worried about me and blah blah blah…but thank you!=)Ally

Answer #4

did you tell anyone about your abuse? maybe if you didnt tell anybody, it is your conscience telling you that you need to tell an adult you trust ASAP. or maybe you can talk to a counselor and they can help you. I hope this helps! good luck and god bless.

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