bad dreams

What does it mean wheb you have a lot of dreams about drownding in deep water?

Answer #1

I have sharks chasing me in my dreams : / And I’m in big, dark bodies of water!

Ooooh and arent I lucky, the grudge visited me in my dream under the water while a shark and whale were chasing me! Lmao, that freaked me out so bad.

Answer #2

It is believed to be prophetic. They tell you something that may happen to you or a loved one soon.

Answer #3

wow you seriously had those dreams? me too, NO LIE and iiono my brother says its cuss it will happen to me soon but I dont believe him

Answer #4

definition of “drowning in dreams”

you have allowed yourself to be put in a situation over which you have no control and you are being overwhelmed by emotions you cannot handle, you feel incompetent in being able to handle an emotionally stressful situation around you at the time of this dream.

drowning symbolises an immersion in the sea of life, and therefore a loss of ego.

in dreams- water is symbolic of the emotions.

deep water could indicate buried repressed emotions.

take a good look around and see if this makes any sense to you- hope it helped.

Answer #5

Well it means that you’re going to be punished for something bad you did once in your life!

Answer #6

not neccessarily anything. ever since I was little I would have nightmares about me and someone else driving over a bridge, and before we ever got to the end of the bridge, we died. But it’s more realistic than that, we died in a car crash or something. we went over only once, so im afraid of bridges. :) but it runs in my family. when a new generation starts, one person gets it. I was the “LUCKY” one.

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