How to make nightmares stop?

I have been having a lot! of nightmares what can I do to have them stop???

Answer #1

I know someone else that has nightmares almost every night. I’m not an expert on dreams or why we dream what we dream but I always thought it was the brain trying to deal and cope with our daily issues and concerns big and small. Maybe a way to deal with stuff we don’t even realize in our waking state. I’m not sure how to stop dreaming bad dreams but maybe you need them right now as a kind of defense mechanism. I sympathize with you and if your sleep pattern is effected perhaps try writing down your nightmares as soon as you wake up, even in the middle of night or between dreams if you are awake enough. Then you could look at what you remember from these dreams and see if any pattern develops and with keeping this kind of journal, over time , maybe you will understand more. Good Luck and try having good day dreams ?

Answer #2

you can start to take some calming teas before ugo to bed to relax you…it worked for me a bit..

Answer #3

thanks for your help!

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