How to convince my Mom to let me dye my hair?

I want to dye my hair sooo bad! The color I’m going’ for is dark dark brown with a tint of red, if that makes sense… My hair is currently short-ish and sandy brown (light). My mom hates the idea of me dying my hair and thinks only “freaks” or “troublemakers” do it. lame right? Anyway, how can I convince her to let me do it?

Answer #1

I doubt if your Mom is ‘lame’ - she’s probably just trying to look after your best interests - she cares - many have parents who don’t…Take care !!

Answer #2

well I have the same hair color as you but I want mine blonde with black tips and my mom said no bc she thinks ill look 2 emoish and I really want it like that what do you think should do?

Answer #3

well I would make a deal with my mom, to let you dye it a normal color (brown) once its down I bet she will love it hold off on the red until she is use to your brown hair then come at her with the red. another thing if you make a deal and she still wont budge, just lay off it for alwhile and let her think about it more. the more you bug her about it the more she wont want you to becasue she will feel like she gave into you

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