How can I convince my mom to let me dye my hair dark brown?

How can I convince my mom to let me dye my hair brown? I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My whole life I have wanted brown hair, lol. And what shade of brown looks really good with blue eyes? And will it go with my tone? I have really pale skin, deep circles, and blue eyes. Thx!!!

Answer #1

in my honest opinion, keep your blonde hair! I have dark hair - almost black and pale skin, I look so gothic, but I would look ill if I died my hair blonde! if you still want to die it, don’t go too dark, it’ll look way too fake and greasey - make sure you get a decent hair dye! to convince you mum…just beg and beg, explain its YOUR choice, no one elses, its YOUR look! good luck hunni :) x

Answer #2

I think you should do it and then tell them it will grow out. or you can get the wash out kind just to see if you like it.

Answer #3

my parents are super strict on that to super>>> and what I do when I want to dye my hair is just do it,, since there is no way to convince them and yeah they do get mad at first but then they just get used to it… And once you do it your mom can see that she was wrong all along it does look nice :) good luck

Answer #4

It was the same with me I think Feria 63 is best hope it works great!

Answer #5

Heh my dad wouldn’t let me dye my hair for the longest time. I talked him into letting me get highlights though which was fairly easy since it’s small and scattered, then I got new highlights to cover the old ones when my roots grew in the I was like ‘’daddy I have to die it I can’t cover it up anymore’’ and he was like ‘’ugh okay’’ cause it was true… You could try that? =P lol

I think you should go with a medium/dark brown. Not too dark cause if you skin is pale it might stand out too much and take away from your eyes. So I’d say go with a medium brown. =]

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