How much should a girl shave?

should a girl shave herr V alll the way if shes getting fingured or whatt?

Answer #1

well it’s really up to you. but most guys like it to be all shaved down there, it feels and looks a lot better. thats what I do. but it’s all up to you rather you want to shave down there or not. hope this helps

xoxo Tela

Answer #2

it’s up to you. men seems to prefer it.

Answer #3

According to an online study I did of about 3,100 men between the ages of 19 and 53, only 39% of men prefer it. Many like trimmed or hairy too.

Many men prefer the natural look and think shaved looks like a plucked chicken.

Answer #4

Haha thank you everyone :]!

Answer #5

Its all up to you… Just be careful what you shave with (make sure its clean)

Answer #6

it is your body not anyone elses your choice…

Answer #7

why would you do a test between 19 and 53? thats a 34 year difference. how bout you make your study more reasistic and do something like 14 to 18 and 19 25 and 30 to 40 and than 50 plus? your giving girls bad advice and they are missing opportunities and chances to have a great time. so its cool to have a jew fro down there?i dont think so.shaved is where its at.

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