how much to shave down there?

how much to shave down south? just a trim? leave it “natural”? all off? whts good to shave, that low maintance, but will still make you feel clean & groomed? ho does a girl shave down there? Solutions & steps pls!

Answer #1

I am 13 and I shave it all off! I just ahved tonight actually lol I like the feeling of it all soooth

Answer #2

I don’t know when I’m talking to some girls and some times we talk nasty se says she Shaves it all off she says if shE leaves it it feels weird and uncomfortable and I don’t like a girl that has a really big bush maybe trim or all off is good do leave it’s really weird in my opinoin

Answer #3

Feels better when it’s all of. Just know if you shave all of it off, if you don’t keep up on it, it can itch.

Answer #4

i hate shaving it all off. i think just trimming it is the best

Answer #5

Trim yourself short, if you or your partner wants even less, do so.

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