How do I stop eating when stressed?

How do I stop eating when stressed? I just seem to feel better when I eat, so how do I stop??

Answer #1

Ok this is what I do when I am very very stressed! I chew gum a lot all the time.

but, yeah drink a full glass of water ,milk,anything to fill you up insyeda of eating it will work.

Answer #2

It might help if you learned some relaxation exercises. If you can overcome your stress, then you won’t feel the need to eat for comfort.

Answer #3

well proboly stay away from food.. but you might need counceling I dont get stressed much but when I do I pull my hair.. if its a big problem c a proffesional thats why they are there too help u

Answer #4

Start smoking? -hehe bad joke… Try to distract yourself somehow. play a game you like, crank some beats or go for a walk. also, drinking a big glass of water can make you feel full :)

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