Would you rather die now or live forever ?

Living forever scares me.. I’d hate that. I’m not ready to die yet, but I also don’t want to live forever! I’d probably pick die now though, because forever on this earth would be horrible. I mean you’d survive through blackholes and stuff because your living forever! What would you pick, die now or live forever?

Answer #1

Hmm, whatever heavenly father wants for me. The way this world is, I’d die now. I wouldn’t want to live forever alone. I’d rather be with jesus in heaven along with his father. But, yet, I have so much to look forward too in this life. So for now, I’ll live but, not forever!

Answer #2

live forever, the world is horrible and I want to see if it will ever change for the better. id also be able to do things that no 1 else can do such as go junping off a plane without a parachute

Answer #3

I f I can choose my date to die naturaly I would choose it I would never wish to live forever that or kill my self when I feel like it but ot now im enjoying life living life to the fullest

Answer #4

die now…live forever would be fun for about 50 years all I would do is become a know it all and maybe rich

Answer #5

Live forever

If you can find comfort in yourself, you can find happiness anywhere and anytime

Answer #6

hmm…if I pick to live forever id be with the one I love.. but never alone..thats just creepy.

Answer #7

I believe in reincarnation so I would die. and be reborn and do it all over aging

Answer #8

I would live forget so that I could be a vigilante

Answer #9

The question is moot - none of us will get out of here alive with the human-earthly body we have.

Answer #10

die now…being alone is the WORST feeling!

Answer #11

Definitely live forever.

Answer #12

I think I’d pick die now too.

Answer #13

depends if there would be more that would live forever than just me. Depends if someone I loved would be living with me through it all forver, and also whether eternal youth is included

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