Is it wrong for someone to help someone that has been through bad t

Question by teenager in my youth group:

        Is it wrong for someone to help someone that has been through bad times, like worshiping the devil, when the person that's helping that person has been through the same thing, and no one trust you?
Answer #1

Jane of the Jungle it sounds like you have had some bad experiences with people who may have called themselves christians. Not all Christians try and push it on others. True Christians are suppose to simply tell others the good news about Christ. Then it is that persons decision to except it or not.

Answer #2

yes the now christian is trying to help the current devel worshiper. Thanks I will pass on your advice.

Answer #3

I don’t see why that person cannot help the other one…that is if the person currently worshiping the devil has a problem.

Answer #4

Do you mean that the person helping the other one worshiped the devil and no one trusts that person to help the other person?

Answer #5

I mean that the one who is trying to help is a former devle worshiper but now is a folllower of Jesus trying to help a current Davle worshiper

Answer #6

Why would it ever be wrong to help someone, unless you are helping them to do something immoral?

Answer #7

Depends on: If the Christian wants to force his own religion down the other person’s throat? If you count that as help, then sorry to say, it is not!

Answer #8

No problem. Please go ahead and help.

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