How do I get pass the next school year

I gotta redo my freshman year at a place call t.a.p. It a school for students or got in trouble to much.we stay in 1 class alll day!. It just so annoying and boring. But we only go 3 hours. ( math science then english. Then a thing call life skills). 12-3. But man it seem like we be in there for 10 hours. Good part is. Once I pass it. I get to go back to my normal high school yay. But it seem impossible to pass this. Any tips on how to pass this year?

Answer #1

study. dont screw around. if you honestly take school seriously, you will succeed.

and 3 hours? damn, thats nothing… seriously.

just be respondsible and pay attention in class… your there anyways, if you pay attention, its just that much less time you going to need to invest in studying afterwards.

im in college right now to become a teacher… and heres how grades usually work… 25% attendance 25% homework 25% tests 25% quizzes …thats the usual breakdown, more or less… going to class and doing your homework is the key. if you go to class (pay attention) and do your homework… I can almost promise you your test and quiz scores will go up.

seriously. if you go to class all the time, and turn in your homework… thats atleast a 50% (using my estimate above.). if you get like an 80 on your tests or quizzes you’ll probably get a C or better in the class.

homework and attendance is KEY.

Answer #2

Yeah, do your work, and don’t screw around. Try making the class laugh, as long as its appropriate. That’ll make the class pass quicker.

Answer #3

Work hard

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