How do I get ready for my next year of school?

am going to be a junior this fall and a lot is gonna change. ill probably be working or trying to get a job worrying about the school being shot up. Why? you may ask well my school is closing so everyone is going to different school. but Ton of kids going to Central and it going be so over pack. not to mention so much violent. due to the fact of your mixing gangs into one school. and it not much to do about it. it already 100% decided that it closing. and at least 85% of the school is going to try to go to central. I would drop out but my goal is to pass high school and enter college and that am going do. and the school police just suck. like right now I guess they should be checking everyone who enter the school with a metal scanner ( or whatever :D). and all he do is lean back and a chair and watch kids enter. even tho the school already been shot up before. I can’t be home school or private school. Anyone know some good tips to get ready for a wild fall and winter?

Answer #1

Are there any public option schools in your area? Try applying where the total population is lower. In my district we have an art school and some other options that are smaller than the feeder schools, if it weren’t for them I would be at the biggest high school in the state.

Other than that be open minded and don’t take anything too personally. Focus on school work because Junior year is the hardest one and its the main thing colleges look at. Avoid drama like the plague and you should survive.

Answer #2

just keep doing good in school sorry to hear that good luck

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