should I leave school this year or next year?

I am currently in 5th year at high school (in scotland), but I don’t know if I should stay for 6th year(the final year) or if I should leave. I can either stay at school or go and work for a year before going to uni. There aren’t really many subjects at school that I can do that interest me and if I work for a year, then the chances are, I won’t want to go to uni or start studying ever again. also the university that I am (hoping) to go to is about 400 miles away as well

Answer #1

yeah stay in school, youll regret if you dont. no matter what it is always important to have an education.

Answer #2

ya dude stay in school and make the best of it try to make as many memories as possible and keep studying so you read for college

Answer #3

I would stay in school just because it would keep you in the habbit of studing and doing homework

Answer #4

I would also stay in school to improve more on your studies. You’ll definitely regret it if you didn’t stay.

Answer #5

I’m assuming that the Scottish system is like the English. If so, it is really up to you. If you are interested in a trade, or a career that requires hands-on training, go ahead and move to a job. However, if you want to go to university, I’d say stay on the last year. It WILL keep you in the habit of studying, and the university is more likely to accept you with the final year.

Good Luck!

Answer #6

If you’ve got an unconditional offer, and you’re really not enjoying school, leave and get a job for a year - more money at uni is always good. If you then decide not to go to uni, and would prefer to stay working, then you can, but you’ve got the option of going after. If you really don’t enjoy school, there’s not much point forcing yourself to stay on if you don’t need to.

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