How can I get my high school credits up before senior year?

Okay so this coming semester im going to be a junior and i still have 9th grade credits, :( Is there anyway i can get them up before my senior year, ive heard about adult school and all that but is there anything else , i really want to walk stage and get my diploma. I graduated from kinder, elementary, and middle school. And i want to make my parents proud of me.

Answer #1

Summer school.

Answer #2

Doing extra work, getting into clubs at school.

Answer #3

honestly just study more, if you don’t understand something in class don’t be afraid to ask the teacher for help. but as well don’t over work yourself cause you will just put more pressure on yourself and when It comes to something important you might just forget it. so try not to stress to much about passing but at the same time take it seriously

Answer #4

Well if u start early like i did in 7th grade I took algebra and spanish 1 so that was two credits but if your already in summer school take a prep class and or a laguaue class or summer school too

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